ibook just gives up now and then

brian hugh warren stationwagon at watchtan.com
Tue Apr 29 21:10:37 PDT 2003

howdy howdy howdy.

Interesting problem here. Now and then my wife's ibook (700MHz CDROM) 
just says "I'm outta here" and shuts off. It doesn't really say that, 
but it does shut off. No warning, nada. I haven't been able to 
categorically say that it's heat related, so I dont know that it's just 
overheating, but I'm on the lookout to see if that's the cause. The 
problem is that sometimes it does this and then really just refuses to 
turn back on. It will get to a light grey screen and then just hang 
there. Reeeaaallly annoying. So sometimes I can get it to boot from a 
cd, sometimes not. One time i tried to get it to boot from a cd, and 
the thing came up with a no-smoking symbol minus the cigarette (just 
the "circle slash").

So, i leave it overnight untouched, and I try it the next day and it 
works fine. In fact I type to you now from this very same ibook. So 
usually, when I'm ready to call up apple (this ibook has been in two 
times already), I'm finding that the ibook works fine and I can't 
replicate the problem. So I just don't call.

Wrinkle: I'm moving to Alaska the day after tomorrow. I'll be near an 
apple store as I go through denver. Should I bring it by? Maybe they 
can take it in for me.


Thanks, by the way.


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