[P1] Mail Vs. Entourage

Joost van de Griek joost at jvdg.net
Mon Dec 1 11:46:12 PST 2003

On 2003-12-01 17:27, Paul Bernhardt wrote:

> My major caution has been all the problems I've heard about with Outlook macro
> viruses and fears that they could easily be adapted for Entourage on the Mac.
> I admit that this is a fear based on nothing more than both are MS
> email/scheduling/contact programs and an assumption that they share
> architecture and coding.

I doubt they share much code. Entourage is based on Outlook Express for Mac,
which in turn is based on Claris Emailer. In other words, the bulk of
Entourage's code base is from Apple, not MS.

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