[P1] Installing airport extreme card into g4 ibook

PaulKurtz III paulkurtz at mac.com
Fri Dec 5 22:29:48 PST 2003

It's possible you got a bum iBook.  I'd suggest playing with it a little, if
that doesn't work, take it right back.  That's what Applecare is for.

It should work out of the box.

A friend of mine got a new Dell with a bad motherboard, so it's always a


On 12/6/03 1:16 AM, "Peter Nacken" <caipirina at mac.com> wrote:

> Hello people ... 
> So we bought my wife today a nice g4 ibook and an airport extreme card. The
> shop wanted 30$ for the install, but after confirming it is totally user
> installable, we decided to do it ourselves ... I had installed several
> non-extreme cards before .. So .. I thought it was ok ..
> Now .. So far the new iBook experience has been a bit embarissing ...  I
> installed the card before we powered the ibook up the first time ... But I
> was never certain if I wedged it in enough ... I used as much force as I
> thought would be ok before breaking anything ... I also had some trouble
> releasing that metal wire thingie which holds the card in place ..
> When I thought I got it, we fired up the machine and got twice the "you need
> to restart you computer" screen ... As my face turned more red, I decide to
> take the card out again and we fire up again and the machine works now .. We
> go through the setup .. All ok ... We put in a DVD to check for dead pixels
> (none seen so far, pheeew.. ) but the DVD stops after 12 seconds playtime ..
> I try quit .. Forcequit ... The player disappears from the force quit menu,
> but still has an activity triangle under its icon and sure enough it won't
> let the DVD go ...
> So .. Mainly I would like to know what experiences others had installing the
> airport extreme card ... Does it really need a lot of force putting it in ??
> Is there a way to put it in the wrong way ???  I mean, the writing on the
> card should face me, right ?
> Once my wife is sleeping I will run disk permissions and DW .. Can't do
> these things with her hovering and asking me questions  :)
> Thanks 
> P
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