[P1] My Xmas stupid question

Richard McKay richard.mckay1 at virgin.net
Tue Dec 9 06:19:23 PST 2003

Am 9/12/03 1:12 pm schrieb "K Peex1" unter <kpeex1 at cox.net>:

> Speaking from my "Panthered" Dual USB iBook whose fan now runs
> continuously since Panther (clean install) _AND_ being the proud owner
> of a SILENT PowerMacintosh G4 Cube desktop in the other room........<g>
> New to the list and wondering if the continuous fan issue has been
> reported or discussed here? The left hand wrist rest is much cooler,
> but the fan is (quietly) there but <<always there>> since Panther.

Your fan running constantly is obviously NOT normal.

Have you checked in either Activity Monitor or Terminal (using top -u
command) to see if a program is running (using a large amount of CPU or
Memory) to cause this heat?

I think Jack had a similar? problem with his processor being hijacked by an
application a while back...

What are you using the iBook for (i.e. Are you streaming iTunes continuously
from a surface similar to carpet or other bad heat circulation situations or
are you only using it for email, surfing and the like on a desk?)



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