[P1] OT: DreamWeaver Clones

Chris Beaumont chris at ncafe.com
Wed Dec 17 08:39:23 PST 2003

There is a program called Namo Web Editor that I've heard favorably 
compared to DW.

Its cheaper too. I have never used it but it comes highly recommended. 
It's by an Asian company. I don't know if they have a demo..

But if Dreamweaver is running so slowly, maybe you should think about 
upgrading your hardware or, better yet, switching to a leaner, meaner 
authoring environment like BBEdit.


On Tuesday, December 16, 2003, at 11:10  PM, Brandon M. Bost wrote:

> Hello iBook List...ers...um...
> I know this is gonna be so off-topic that I would be better off 
> sending it to the President to see if he knew, but I figured since I 
> was USING an iBook...um...yea..anyway, to the question!
> I was wondering if there were any clones (or at least similar WYSIWYG) 
> of Dreamweaver that I can look into.  I currently am using the 30 day 
> free trial, but Dreamweaver is turning into a slow mass of ugliness.  
> I can type a paragraph and sit for another minute just waiting for it 
> to catch up.  Shareware and Freeware suggestions would be preferred, 
> but if I can get a good education discount too I'd prefer that method 
> of purchase.
> Thanks a bunch
> Brandon M. Bost
> UNA Student
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