[P1] Worrisome static zaps

Signhelpers.com mike at signhelpers.com
Thu Dec 18 06:46:26 PST 2003

Not since the medication kicked in.

>Does she have a matching hat?
>On Wednesday, Dec 17, 2003, at 11:38 America/New_York, Signhelpers.com wrote:
>>A friend covered her desktop with aluminum foil and grounded the 
>>foil. No more static and it looks funky, too.
>>>Now that winter is setting in, I occasionally get static pokes off 
>>>the iBook. Usually they don't seem to affect anything, but this 
>>>morning the fan came on immediately after a zap, requiring a 
>>>reboot to make stop. I expect the smooth plastic skin has 
>>>something to do with it.
>>>I use (liberally) anti-static spray around my work area, which 
>>>stinks mightily but helps some -- are there any other tips? The 
>>>wife doesn't like the smell, but I like even less the idea of my 
>>>primary computer dying of shock....

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