Mirroring while keeping the screen closed

Alexandre Leroux alexandre at leroux.net
Mon Dec 29 05:03:07 PST 2003

Hi all !

I'm new to the laptop world. My fourth mac is an iBook G4 :-) I have a 
simple question for you that should be an easy one to answer :-)

I plugged my old 17" CRT screen in my 12" iBook. Mirroring works great, 
of course, however, can't find a way to close the iBook without putting 
it to sleep. I'm able to wake it up with the external keyboard, but it 
goes back right away to sleep. To is annoying since in order to use my 
external screen, the laptop screen must be opened !

Any workaround or setting I missed ?

Thanks a lot :-)

Montréal, Canada

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