[P1] Mirroring while keeping the screen closed

mentholiptus mentholiptus at mac.com
Wed Dec 31 20:55:25 PST 2003

> A significant amount of the cooling is
> done through the top of the computer - ie around the keyboard - and 
> keeping
> the lid shut inhibits cooling.

Not to argue, but is this really true? I have 2 points:

1) The aluminum 12" (as well as 15" and 17") is made to run with the 
lid down in extended desktop mode, and it runs a G4 at higher speeds. 
One would think those could get even hotter!

2) If you lift your keyboard out, you'll notice that there's no 
ventilation on the bottom of the keyboard...it's a flat piece of 
plastic/metal. It seems like it would prevent air from flowing thru the 
keyboard...so maybe this isn't really a concern?

Does anyone disagree?



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