[P1] Apple modem on hold?

Richard McKay richard.mckay1 at virgin.net
Tue Apr 6 11:02:01 PDT 2004

Am 6/4/04 4:27 pm schrieb "Brian Olesky" unter <brian4 at sbcglobal.net>:

> Occasionally, my fax software gets hung up because it reports that the modem
> is busy. But since I have a DSL Internet connection and it isn't on the same
> line as the modem, I have no idea why this is happening. Then, this morning,
> a new clue: in the past, I've had to reboot to clear the modem, this time,
> when I tried to reboot it failed and I got a message saying I had to quit an
> application called "Apple modem on hold." I couldn't find any such
> application. But if I could, that would seem to be a way to end my faxing
> problem. Anybody got any idea what's going on here?

OS 9 or X?

If 10.3, can you see the process in Activity Monitor? (in
Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor.app) otherwise I think this was
called Process Viewer in !0.2 and earlier...

If you start your Fax app while this monitor is running you should be able
to see the application and associated processes from here, then wait for the
bug to appear and before rebooting have a comparison look to see if the
process is listed and what the PID (process ID) is, as once you know this
you can force quit it using terminal or the Activity Monitor app itself
(either by highlighting the process and then pressing stop button in menu
bar or by means of the process menu allowing a more detailed look at the
item in question. There are a lot of views available in Activity Monitor and
you may need to switch between them using the pull down menu in the menu bar
to switch between all processes, my processes, all processes hierarchically,

As with anything though, have a look at some of these processes first before
starting your fax app and then compare to find the processes involved when
using the Fax app if they are not so obviously named...and of course think
twice and only act once...

Not sure if this is the easiest way to sort this out or if it will help at
all but it may be a first step to find the process you mentioned...

If you are using 9 then someone else will need to give you some ideas...



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