[P1] How to prevent iBook 500 from dying (formerly [P1] Red brick, green brick)

PaulKurtz III paulkurtz at mac.com
Thu Apr 8 14:43:16 PDT 2004

I agree.  If the iBook continues to show that it's charging, maybe the green
light has just burnt out.  This would account for the light's shutting off
after charging.  This is when it switches from orange to green.


On 4/8/04 11:53 AM, "Wayne" <wayne at fme.com> wrote:

>>>>> My dual-usb 2001 G3 500 12" ibook has died, and I have just bought a
>>>>> late-2002 G3 800 12" on ebay. The plug from the power supply of my
>>>>> old
>>>>> machine used to glow green whenever connected. The new one glows red
>>>>> when
>>>>> charging, then goes off completely - so you have no idea you are
>>>>> still
>>>>> connected to the mains. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?
>>>>> chris
> I have followed this thread for a few postings. One thing I didn't see, do
> you have the battery icon turned on in the menu or control strip? If you do,
> then you see the little lighting bolt over the battery icon for charging and
> a full battery icon when done. If this is happening, it would seem the cord
> is fine, just the light turns off (or doesn't change color) when fully
> charged.
> Wayne

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