[P1] iBook Keyboard Marking The Screen

Angus Wallace angus.wallace at flinders.edu.au
Wed Apr 21 19:11:16 PDT 2004

I haven't really had problems with this, but did notice one occasion 
where the keys touched (and slightly marked) the screen during 
transport. I think it is more likely to happen when the ibook is being 
squeezed during transit (i.e. the screen is being pushed onto the keys 
by external forces).

This seems obvious really, and may be simplistic, but perhaps just 
changing the way you carry your ibook will help.


On 22/04/2004, at 11:35 AM, Brian Olesky wrote:

> When I first joined this list just over two years ago, this was a very
> common topic. Huge amounts of people had the problem. It seems to be a
> factor of building a compact computer to very tight tolerances. The 
> only two
> solutions were to wipe the screen clean with one of the popular
> screen-cleaning systems, or to put a thin cloth on the keys when 
> closing the
> lid. This can be as simple as the plastic sheet that comes in there 
> when you
> buy it (or at least it used to), or to buying one of the fancy 
> (expensive)
> leather cloths made for the purpose.
> Either way, it's a very common problem, maybe a little annoying but not
> serious, and I highly doubt it's an Applecare issue.
> Brian
> On 4/21/04 7:06 PM, "Tom" <tom at heartfire.com> wrote:
>> I just bought a G3 900 MHz iBook and I¹m still within the warranty 
>> period.
>> The problem is that the keyboard is marking up the screen. It leaves 
>> little
>> scratches where the keyboard touches the screen when it¹s closed. I¹ve
>> double checked to be sure that the keyboard is properly seated and 
>> that the
>> airport card underneath is seated correctly and not raising the 
>> keyboard.
>> Has anyone else had this problem? Are these key marks on the screen 
>> normal
>> or typical? I can¹t help but think they will get worse the more I use 
>> the
>> iBook. Should I try to get this fixed before the warranty is up?
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