[P1] Airport not waking after sleep...antenna problem

Wai Lee spikethefrog at comcast.net
Mon Aug 2 15:54:39 PDT 2004

I see. Is this something that would be simple enough to try and fix, or am I
looking at sending it away?  I'm hoping to hear that it isn't like replacing
a hard drive.


The sleep switch also goes thru the hinges. I suspect that is being 
pinched and not permitting normal sleep/awake functioning.

> I am having what I think is an antenna problem.  It started just 
> recently.  When I wake from sleep, the signal reading is either very 
> low or gone.  Sometimes the basestation doesn't show up.  But if I 
> swing the screen down almost to the closed position, but not all the 
> way, and back up again, then the signal/basestation comes back full 
> strength.   Any suggestions...I'm way out of warranty.

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