[P1] DVD ripping program?

Allan Hise allan at hise.org
Sat Aug 7 07:49:27 PDT 2004

On Fri, 6 Aug 2004, Reid Conti wrote:

> Anybody have any experience with DVD ripping programs?  I'm gonna be
> going overseas and would like to put my Simpsons DVDs on my ibook, but
> not sure what software to use or how well it works/whether it's worth
> the effort.
> thanks!
> - reid

MacTheRipper or DVDBackup (both free - check www.macupdate.com) will rip
the DVDs to your hard drive and get rid of CSS, region codes, etc. I like
MacTheRipper better because you can select certain parts of the disc to
rip (only the movie, for example). That way you don't waste critical HD
space on stuff you don't want (for me, that's trailers, "making of" stuff,
etc. - once I have seen it, I don't need it again!)

If you want to compress the movie further, one option is DVD2OneX, which
will do a great job of resampling the data and squishing it to whatever
size you ask for (but more compression = worse video). If you don't squish
too much, the output is still really good. The thing I don't like about
DVD2OneX is that they charge more for the mac version than Windows. Grrr.

There are othe programs out there that can convert you video to other
formats, but I'll let others comment on that since I haven't used them.


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