[P1] problems insatlling OS 9.2.1 CD on Ibook 700

Richard Meyeroff rem at meyeroff-c-c.com
Sun Aug 8 22:43:23 PDT 2004

You have a couple of problems
1. 9.2.1 can only be installed on a computer that has 9.1 installed.

2. you should have thew original disks that you got with the iBook.

the copy of 9 that came with the iBook is the one you need to install 
after reinitializing the hard drive.  If it is 9.1 then install 
9.2.1.  after that is done you can install any version of from OS X.1 
to OS X.3.4.

This comes from experience.

If you don't have the original disks see if you can find some who 
will let you copy their OS 9.2.1 or .2.2 to your hard drive. and then 
install the version of OS X as above.

>Thanks for the feedback.
>From About This Mac:
>Mac OS X
>version 10.3.2
>OS9 Drivers:	Yes
>   Capacity:	18.63 GB
>   Available:	14.88 GB
>   Writable:	Yes
>   File System:	Journaled HFS+
>   BSD Name:	disk0s9
>   Mount Point:	/
>I reinitialized the hard disk using the OS 9.2.1 CD and when the 
>installer did not work I
>intsalled OS 10.3.2 and reinitialized the hard disk leaving the OS9 
>drivers option format for
>classic check marked as you can see from the About This Computer info above.
>What about these directions from Apple?

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