[P1] wireless router issues

Brian Pearce bpearce at cloud9.net
Tue Aug 10 12:29:35 PDT 2004

> Was it an early model ABS? how long did it last?
> I'm not feeling too confident about netgear these days...

I had an original (Graphite) AirPort Base Station (bought when they 
were initially offered) that was repaired by Apple only to replace an 
acknowledged component failure; other than that, I had no problems with 
it. I also have a Netgear MR814 that I've used for just under two years 
(we had to replace the ABS to allow my wife to connect to her employer 
by VPN) and had absolutely no trouble with whatsoever.

(Of course, I bought the Netgear model back when this sort of device 
still cost about a hundred bucks, before you could get them by just 
sending in two or three cereal box tops. I don't know if that makes a 

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