[P1] wireless router issues

David Binnion davidwb at spymac.com
Tue Aug 10 13:58:24 PDT 2004

On 8/10/04 4:33 PM, "Kenji Konaka" <kkonaka at mac.com> wrote:

> my graphite airport is working fine too for 3+ years now.
> at one point I suspected the "capacitor" problem like
> described here http://www.vonwentzel.net/ABS/Repair/
> but without any repair work mine is working okay recently :)
> by the way I'm thinking about buying a printer plus an
> airport express to join this ibook-airport network: was
> there any sort of compatibility list of printers for
> such configuration or most printers work just fine?
There's a compatibility list at apple.com though I don't know how up to date
it is. Not every printer is compatible.

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