[P1] wireless router issues

gordens gordens at cox.net
Tue Aug 10 17:01:03 PDT 2004

the netgear router 814 v2 - just doesn't stay connected.  I lose 
connectivity every 30 minutes or so... and takes multiple restarts to 
get it going.  RIght now, I've unplugged the router and am connected 
directly to my cable modem.  i haven't a problem in 2 days.
THere is a firmware upgrade, from 5.03 to 5.3 .  I haven't tried that 
but the netgear tech didn't think that would solve my issue.  He says 
th router is working fine.

On Aug 10, 2004, at 3:29 PM, Brian Pearce wrote:

>> Was it an early model ABS? how long did it last?
>> I'm not feeling too confident about netgear these days...
> I had an original (Graphite) AirPort Base Station (bought when they 
> were initially offered) that was repaired by Apple only to replace an 
> acknowledged component failure; other than that, I had no problems 
> with it. I also have a Netgear MR814 that I've used for just under two 
> years (we had to replace the ABS to allow my wife to connect to her 
> employer by VPN) and had absolutely no trouble with whatsoever.
> (Of course, I bought the Netgear model back when this sort of device 
> still cost about a hundred bucks, before you could get them by just 
> sending in two or three cereal box tops. I don't know if that makes a 
> difference...)
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