[P1] networking on windows server

Alexandre Leroux alexandre at leroux.net
Fri Aug 13 11:43:32 PDT 2004

Le 04-08-10, à 6:23 pm, Sean Weijand a écrit :
> i have a ibook G4 and while i can plug into the office network and get 
> access to the internet no problem when i try to access the shared 
> folder on the server i first get the SMB / CIFS Filesystem 
> Authentication screen asking for my user name and password. I type in 
> said same and get the error message "The alias "SERVER" could not be 
> opened, because the original item cannot be found."
> This despite the fact that the alias' for the servers only appear in 
> "Network" when I am plugged in.
> My windows guys have no clue. is there something I am not doing 
> properly?

Hi Sean,

I don't know if this was resolved, but here's what Richard said a few 
days on the list, and it worked for me. Are your IP addresses static or 
dynamic ?

Richard indicated :

Well, just to make sure that you can share files across the network try 

Windows machine (as an administrator user):

Right click a folder (for example 'shared documents' at C//Documents and
Settings/All Users/ Shared Documents) and ensure that the properties 
box shows a check mark next to the folder to 'share this folder on the
network', give it a name (no spaces allowed) and click okay.

In Control Panel, go to Network Connections and right click on the Local
Area Connection and then on status, click on the support tab of the
following dialog box and note the IP address (you'll need this to 
connect to
the computer from the Mac.

On the Mac:

To simply have a one way connection (i.e. Allowing the Mac to browse 
the XP
machine but not the other way around) just do the following...

In Finder go to the 'Go' menu bar Heading and then to 'connect to 
click this and in the following dialog box type the following:

smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/name of shared folder on XP machine

Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the XP machine from above 
and 'name of shared...' is the name you chose to call the shared folder 
the dialog box on the XP machine.

Click connect and a new dialog box with workgroup, user name and 
fields are available...you should only have to type the password field 
the password from the user account on the XP machine (as if you were 
onto it directly). Press okay and a new finder window should appear 
with the
shared document folder...

To be able to share the other way as well (XP can look at and use Mac
folders) do:

On the Mac:

Open system preferences, go to sharing icon and turn on windows sharing 
may need to authenticate yourself if you have protected important sys 
by typing an admin user password). That's it from the Mac side...you 
are now
vunerable to any windows machine (with the right password).

On the XP machine:

(Note: I tried to get this working as well but without success :-( Maybe
you'll have better luck.

In the start menu click on my network places (or get there from any open
window using the left hand side navigation links).

See if your Mac shows up? If not try this;

On the left hand side links choose: MS windows network and navigate to 
if you see your mac showing up.

If not try: view workgroup computers and navigate to see if you can 
find it.

If not then last chance is by using a 'dreaded' wizard...use the left 
for add a network place and click through the next buttons till you get 
Internet or network address box: type \\\your shortlogin name
here (subsituting the appropriate details from your macs IP address and 
login name) click next and finally it *should* appear...type a name for 
mac on this network and click next and then finish. (Note I did not get 
this stage myself so hopefully someone else will be able to help further
here or you will get lucky).

Whatever bizarre name that windows gives your mac 'samba ...' double 
the icon and log in and you can exchange files...

The above ramblings are from my own experience and frustration at the 
minute of trying to exchange files between the two worlds and some 
guidance from the 'missing manual panther edition by David pogue' which 
is a
great book and worth getting...

After all that and assuming that you can exchange files both directions 
both machines...go to system preferences and go to the sharing 
to the internet tab/button and make the appropriate choices, such as 
the connection you have (how you currently get online...i.e. Airport) 
then below in the box tick the connection of how the XP machine is 
trying to
connect (i.e Ethernet) and then turn the internet sharing button on.

Hopefully this will allow you to share files and internet connections 
the network.

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