[P1] iPods, iBooks and iTrips

Charles Pearce charlesp at ksu.edu
Tue Jul 13 11:19:31 PDT 2004

On Jul 13, 2004, at 12:54 PM, Reid Conti wrote:

> Are you sure about battery drain with the iTrip?  I exceeded 6 hours
> on my iTrip with my first-gen iPod, and the battery on the iPod never
> died.  I have tested the iPod and gotten over 8 hours of battery life
> with headphones plugged in and 3/4 volume.  So it seems to me that if
> the iTrip sucks iPod battery more than headphones, it's not to a
> significant degree...

I guess I never really checked it. I just assumed the battery drain. 
You're probably right about it not sucking more battery than 

Charles <charlesp at ksu.edu>

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