New iPods shipping immediately

Reid Conti rconti at
Mon Jul 19 06:28:10 PDT 2004

Not sure if any of you care, but the rumors were true.  Not only is
there a new 4th gen (4G) iPod announced today, it's been released as
well.  I ordered mine thru the online Apple store half an hour ago,
they've been up in the store for about 45 mins at this point.

Big surprise was that they're shipping immediately -- not in a month
or more.  1-2 days to ship on the one I just ordered.

No 15GB anymore, just a 20 and 40.  Click wheel like the mini instead
of the 4 buttons on the top as in the 3G.  $299 for the 20 and $399
for the 40, so $100 cheaper but no case, no remote, and no dock for
the 20.  The new units are a bit thinner than the old, and are rated
at 12 hours battery life.

- reid

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