[P1] Quiet?

Yvonne vonmarie at mac.com
Mon Jun 21 14:30:27 PDT 2004

Well I went from a 12" 500 MHZ G3 ibook to a 14" 1.25 MHZ G4 computer. I say
go for the G4 14" ibook. I cant get over the speed difference and how much
better the screen is on the 14" ibook. It is a great machine.

on 6/21/04 5:20 PM, albookuser at Phreaker.net at albookuser at Phreaker.net

> So is the list quiet or am I somehow lost?
> And to make my post worthwhile, for the iBook G4 users, what are your
> thoughts...particularly those of you who had a dual G3 iBook and moved up? I
> have two friends who are undecided between a 14 inch iBook and 12 inch
> PowerBook.
> Cheers
> david

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