[P1] Old G3 to New iBook G4

Allan Hise allan at hise.org
Sat May 1 06:13:10 PDT 2004

On Sat, 1 May 2004, Donald Bahringer wrote:

> I have ordered a new iBook G4 from Apple and I would like to know
> what files I need to transfer using the Firewire Disk Mode.
> I would like the new iBook to work just like the G3.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Don

In theory, you should be able to copy your Users folder over and be OK,
with the assumption you set up the same short user name when you first set
up your new ibook.

Also, if you installed any applications in the /Applictaions folder as
opposed to ~/Applications, you can probably get away with copying those
over too. Of course, some apps install junk in the /Library or
/System/Library... that makes things harder... Because I don't thin kit
would be wise to just start copying those files over.

Start with the above, if some things don't work quite right, then it is
easier to pinpoint what might need to be moved.

Another option is to use CCC and duplicate the whole shebang. But then you
might miss out on some goodies that came pre-installed on the new iBook


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