Classic printing problem

Raymond P Reedy popreedy at
Sun May 2 15:50:12 PDT 2004

I recently installed an HP Laserjet 1012 (OS X and Classic). I also 
have an OS 9 system on an external drive. I can print in OS X and from 
the OS 9 system without problems. If I try to print from a classic 
application, Print Monitor intervenes and says it cannot find the 
driver. I can go through the motions of:
1. Chooser (selects the Laserjet OK).
2. Page setup (calls the proper dialogs).
3. Print (Get the Laserjet window and click Print).
4. Finder intervenes with a yellow alert window and the Print Monitor 
icon in the dock starts dancing.
5. PM says no can find driver. Reinstall software.

Any suggestions??

Raymond P Reedy

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