[P1] Old G3 to new iBook G4

larry Zasitko l.zasitko at sasktel.net
Sun May 2 20:45:32 PDT 2004


I just went through a similar thing... iBook Graphite SE Clamshell 
366mhz, 576meg ram to my new toy, a G4 1.33ghz PowerBook, 768meg ram 
superdrive etc. basically the very latest PowerBook 12" that you can 

I was trying to figure out how to transfer from the old iBook (no 
firewire, no burner etc) and in the end used the digital cameras 512meg 
card to copy files.

Not sure why the Powerbooks do not get Appleworks, just a crippled test 
version of Microtrash Office.

New iPhoto would not open a copied directory, in the end I copied to 
the digitals card and imported from there, fast and easy (fast as in 
usb) I even copied over Appleworks to the PowerBook and that also 
worked great.

I also have latest version of Virtual PC and installed Win2000 and 
Autocad 2000. Quite surprised at the speed of Autocad running in VPC,

Larry Zasitko
Graphite Clamshell SE iBook 366mhz 576meg ram
12" PowerBook G4 1.33ghz, 768meg ram, 60gig hd, 64meg video, airport 
extreme, superdrive
Newton OMP, 110, 120, 2100 + eMate

> My wife is about to undertake the same operation - Pismo to 14" G4 
> iBook - and I was wondering about this issue as well. In her case, as 
> well as the 'normal' document stuff, she also has an iPhoto library 
> that I know she will want to keep, ideally by moving it into iPhoto on 
> the iBook. I've seen the directory structure of iPhoto data, and I 
> believe that I could simply move the existing folders across. However, 
> an alternative would be to move the 'master' version of all the 
> existing images out of old iPhoto and into a new folder on the iBook 
> (eg on the Desktop), and then perform an iPhoto 'Import' operation, 
> pointing at the new folder as the source. Of course this would lose 
> the 'date of original import' information, plus of course the Album 
> information. Can anyone advise as to which of these routes would be 
> the better?
> Tom Burke

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