scanner advice

walter wbp at
Fri May 14 02:53:47 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

just a quick question re scanners.

I have a Canon FB636U which used to work fine under OS 9 on my 
clamshell iBook. Since moving up to Panther, I can only get it to work 
via VueScan, but it is a lot slower than previously, and somehow 
cumbersome. Also, it does no longer work direct into Omnipage when 
scanning text. It requires the intermediate step of saving images first 
and then running them through Omnipage.

Now, I'm about to replace the clamshell with a new 12" iBook. I will 
actually keep the clamshell because I can't bear to be parted from this 
cute little machine... But anyway, my question is: what is the best and 
fastest scanner that you folks would advise me to get, given that Canon 
is not going to release an OS X driver for my old scanner? I need a 
scanner mostly for text OCR work, and occasionally for image scanning 
also. But not at professional level. So something that is vaguely like 
my old scanner, but that works quickly and neatly with Omnipage, and if 
possible doesn't take up a lot of desk space. Am I asking too much?

On somehow related lines: when it comes to digital cameras: do all of 
them more or less work fine with Macs, or is it always better to ask 
before purchase? Silly question, I know: let's put it this way: any 
advice as to the best choice for a Mac at 1) entry level 2) middle of 
the way level?

Thanks for any input,


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