[P1] iBook stands/podiums

Gary joehardy at mac.com
Fri May 14 07:10:21 PDT 2004

> On 5/14/04 3:33 PM, "Mike Wallinga" <mwallinga at mailup.net> wrote:
>> So far, I've looked at the web sites for the Griffin iCurve, the
>> MacAlly iceStation, and the Road Tools Cool Pad Podium.  Do any of
>> these products stand out from the others? Are there any other products
>> that I've missed?
    I would be lost without the Podium Pad. It puts the keyboard at a nice
angle and it keeps my iBook G4 (and, previously, my G3 iBook) nice and cool.
It can be rotated and the height can be adjusted and it's small and solid. I
have one here in my office and one at home. When I travel with my iBook, I
always pack a Podium Pad.

- iMac - 700 MHz - 512 meg RAM, OS 10.3.1
- iBook G4 - 800 MHz - 640 meg RAM, OS 10.3.1

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