[P1] OS X security flaw

Malcolm Cornelius malcolm at fireflyuk.net
Sat May 22 09:15:15 PDT 2004

on 22/05/04 17:06, Joy Freeman at joyslists at pagesbyjoy.com wrote:

> It seems there's a major security hole in Mac OS X. It is potentially
> catastrophic, but rather than my explaining it, here's what more
> knowledgeable folks are saying:
> I read about this on
> http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/005217.html#005217,
> where she explains the problem in easy to understand terms.
> In case you can't get to her blog for some reason, here's more on the
> problem:
> http://mamamusings.net/archives/2004/05/18/serious_os_x_security_problem.php
> http://www.jayallen.org/journey/2004/05/mac_os_x_highly_critical_security_flaw
> And here's a fix:
> http://www.monkeyfood.com/software/moreInternet/

Isn't this already fixed in a security update ?

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