[P1] ibook processor

RP McKay richard.mckay1 at virgin.net
Sun May 30 16:24:06 PDT 2004

On 30/5/04 7:49 pm, "Robert Gunter" <rgunter at vt.edu> wrote (in part):
> does anyone know for sure what type of G4 Apple is using in the new
> 1ghz 12 inch ibook?  I'm probably going to get one next week and was
> hoping it'd use the 7447a.  I couldn't find a definitive answer
> anywhere.

You're right it isn't easy to find...too new I suppose. Welcome to the list
and (hopefully soon) to the iBook!

It appears to indeed be the 7447A, as the pdf document 'iBook Developer
Note' from the Apple website at:


mentions on page 78 suggests:

'Information about the PowerPC G4 microprocessor is available on the World
Wide  Web at'


Which brings up a Motorola website page with MPC7447A: Host Processor as the



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