[iBook] migration assisant

Sue Segaard Ssegaard at bcs.k12.oh.us
Wed May 2 11:18:22 PDT 2007

I've used Migration assistant to transfer files from one computer to
another - mainly, user accounts, but you can transfer applications,
volumes and even network setting. It works great! I connected the
computers via a firewire cable, started the unit with the files I wanted
to transfer in the firewire mode (holding down the T key when booting).
Launched the Migration Assistant on the unit to receive files. Followed
the prompts. I recall reading that it is good practice to repair
permissions after using this tool. 

Susan Segaard, 
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> Quoting JoeTomeo <jtomeo at echoes.net>:
> > I have an  ibook and an emac both using osx 10.4.8. I would like to
> > us my older mac (emac) as my backup.  Thus I would like to transfer
> > files FROM my IBOOK TO my EMAC using migration assisant . I do have
> > the firewire cable required, but directions in help section have me
> > confused as to which files can be transfered as well as proper
> > procedure. Any help would be appreciated.
> I've never used the Migration Assistant to go from a new computer to a
> former computer, but I think the process would need OS-X install disk
> running on the eMac to reformat it and get it ready to receive the
> files from the iBook. The iBook install disks may not run on the eMac
> since Apple usually sends startup configurations that work only on the
> machine they were created for. However, if you have the general,
> all-purpose OS-X disks, then run those on the eMac and follow the
> directions from then on.
> At least I think so. Someone else may have a better answer, but judging
> from how quiet this list has been lately, we may be the only two left.
> Charles Pearce (charlesp at ksu.edu)
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