Do we refuse to answer a badly written subject line? was Re: [iBook] Can anyone help?

Jean-Paul Thuot at
Thu May 24 20:22:28 PDT 2007

On 5/24/07, Robert Ameeti <robert at> wrote:
> This is not a matte of 'refusing to answer' but rather not bothering
> to read every post but instead only taking the time to read those
> posts that might be interesting or relative to someone's interest or
> knowledge.

Yep.  I am subscribed to a number of mailing lists, and get a rather
large amount of email each day (don't get me started on the amount of
spam I get!), so it is unlikely that I would open one without a
specific query in the subject heading.  I have spent a number of years
as network and system admin for ISPs, so had the header read something
that referred to that I'dve been inclined to open it.

Not a criticism or a snub, just the way it is.


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