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Brooks Graham brooksgraham at mac.com
Sun Jul 13 15:36:56 PDT 2003

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Yep, it's really cool and handy.  I use my iPod as a sneaker-net device 
all the time.

One caveat however:  evidently the iPod design accounts for the disk to 
be spinning only periodically.  It isn't able to dissipate the heat 
generated by a continuously spinning disk - which is what happens if 
you use it as your boot device.

The big loser in this heat equation is the battery.  High temperatures 
for long periods of time alter the battery chemistry and impact its 
ability to hold a charge.  (and last I looked, the battery isn't 

So while it's a nifty trick, I would suggest that you not run a system 
from an iPod for anything but short periods of time.

- -brooks

On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 03:40 PM, William E. Lane wrote:

> On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 02:31  PM, S. Moussly wrote:
>> If you are able to boot from iPod, why wouldn¹t u be able to move 
>> your music
>> from your ipod to your hard drive? It doesn¹t make sense that it is 
>> one way
>> and not two ways
> 'Cause there's a difference between mounting it as a HD and simply 
> using it as a music player. Mount it as a HD and you will see your 
> music 'files'.
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