iTunes Music Library File invalid

Edward Arrowsmith edesign at
Tue Jul 15 08:08:19 PDT 2003

The solution to my iTunes Music Library File being not valid has been 
found. Thanks Richard.

This is what I did: Navigate to HD>Users>Home>Music>iTunes  There is a 
file with the iTunes musical notes on it called iTunes 4 Music Library. 
Put this file in the trash and run iTunes. The program will then run 
the startup wizard to find the preferences and the music library. All 
is well :-)

Thanks to all responses.

Best wishes

On Tuesday, July 15, 2003, at 11:42  AM, Richard Pontifex wrote:

> ----- Original Email -----
> From: Edward Arrowsmith <edesign at>
> To: iTunesList <iTunes at>
> Date: 14-Jul-2003 22:20
> Subject: iTunes Music Library File invalid
>> iTunes was running perfectly. Yesterday I attempted to run the program
>> and got a message stating that 'the iTunes Music Library File cannot 
>> be
>> read because it does not appear to be a valid library file'.

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