[iTunes] Re: Auto eject after import?

Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Sun May 25 09:11:05 PDT 2003

I forgot to mention that after the first CD has finished ripping, I 
eject it and place the next one that I had already edited. The edits I 
made are RETAINED in the iTunes database and the already edited CD's 
data will return ready for ripping and so forth and so on.


On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 09:03 AM, Kunga wrote:

> Are you saying that you have to manually start the rip (upper right 
> corner button) after you manually download CDDB data and edit tags and 
> only the automatic ejection after rip is what that preference does? 
> I'm still not getting a clear picture of what that preference does and 
> does not do. Would some one mind writing a step by step explanation of 
> what it does? Here's my step by step of how I rip with a dual 867 that 
> has two optical in it with iTunes already open:
> 1. Press Option F12 to open bottom optical and place CD in tray.
> 2. Press Option F12 to close bottom optical drawer and wait for 
> generic track listings to appear.
> 3. Menu->Advanced->Get CD Track Names and wait for CDDB report to 
> replace generic names.
> 4. Command I to Get Info on Album (not tracks) and make sure it is 
> entitled the way I want with year, compilation, composer, genre and 
> artist fields correctly filled in or not filled in.
> 5. Click on a track, Command A to highlight all, Command I to get info 
> on the more detailed album track dialog box to add any other all track 
> info tags that are not in the Album dialog box.
> 6. If I see the CDDB report is defective (which it is about 75% of the 
> time), I then click on track one and begin editing individual tracks 
> using the next button on the bottom to advance through each song.
> 7. After editing the last track I close that dialog box and press the 
> import button.
> 8. Press F12 to open the upper optical tray and place disc 2 or the 
> next album's CD in it.
> 9. Press F12 to close the upper optical and wait for the generic track 
> listings to appear.
> 10. Follow steps 3 through 6 and then eject the upper with F12 and 
> place the next CD in there while the bottom optical is still ripping 
> the first disc and so forth.
> Now would anyone please tell us all what the preference "On CD Insert: 
> Import Songs and Eject" for auto-ripping and ejecting does that will 
> still allow us to edit the often inaccurate and downright WRONG CDDB 
> reports before each rip?
> k
> On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 04:21 AM, 8p2uny2hgfk001 at sneakemail.com 
> wrote:
>> This is not the case. The ripping process doesn't start immedatley. 
>> You have time to bring up an info window to edit the 
>> information...while you have an info window open, the ripping process 
>> will not start.
>> Well at least that is how mine works.

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