iTunes / iPod stalls when updating

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Sat Oct 11 06:28:54 PDT 2003


I had similar issues with both of my iPods (mine and wife's) when we 
first got them (20GB 2nd Gen).  What I ended up doing was letting the 
iPod install about 100 files and then canceling the update and then 
repeat until the update was complete.  Very much a pain in the butt.

I did totally reformat my iPod the last time they did a software update 
for it and it went through without a hitch.  I have about 10 GB of 
music on there and it did it completely without any problems.  I am 
pretty sure that was with iTunes 4.0 and iPod software 1.3.

You might want to start from scratch on the iPod with a complete 
reformat.  Upgrading to iTunes 4 might help as well.  The firewire 
connection problems may be affecting this too.  Sorry, I don't have any 
suggestions for that problem other than a trip for repairs.  I know 
your iMac is not under warranty, so that could cost you.  You might 
just want to order a new part for it and install it, that would 
probably be cheaper than diagnosing it.


> Hi All,
> I just (yesterday) received a refurbished 10 gig, touchwheel, (no dock
> connector) iPod which I ordered from Apple. After some experimenting
> and a call to Apple (which didn't help) and more experimenting I
> finally got the thing to be recognized by my iMac DV SE running OX
> 10.2.6 and iTunes 3.0.1. Everything seemed fine, but as I transfered
> songs to the iPod the process stalled. I forced iTunes to quit and
> unplugged the iPod and started over. I have found that MOST of the time
> if I manually transfer just a few songs at a time to the iPod it works
> OK, but if I try to transfer an entire album or playlist the process
> will again stall.
> I should also mention that the way I finally got the iPod to be
> recognized was to attach it to either my external CD burner or Hard
> Drive's open firewire connection rather connecting directly to the 
> iMac.
> Does anyone have any ideas?

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