music gone moving to Lacie

Terry Pogue tpogue at
Thu Feb 12 10:35:39 PST 2004

Wait a minute Shayne, I had my tunes disappear but my tech guy found 
them. Are you sure they are gone? Have you checked around for other 

On Feb 12, 2004, at 12:08 PM, Shayne Croy wrote:

> OK, I can't resist. How's this for "no trouble"? Last night, following 
> advice from various sources, I was attempting to move my Itunes music( 
> approximately 1600 cds worth) onto a Lacie external hard drive, 
> eliminate duplicate files, and take some music(30 gigs) off my Ipod 
> using Ipodrip... Care to guess where I'm going with this?... It's all 
> gone.
OS 10.3.2
G4 800 MHz
1.25 GB ram

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