[iTunes] Order of podcasts are reversed

Michael Prete michaelprete at cox.net
Sat Jul 5 18:10:14 PDT 2008

The podcasts displayed in my iTunes window show them in descending  
chronological order. (I'm kinda behind on them) However, on both my  
classic 80 GB iPod and my iPhone, the podcasts are in reverse order,  
with the oldest at the bottom and the newest on the top of each  
playlist. The iPod (iPhone) will continue from one podcast (or any  
song) to the next one below automatically. But since the next lower  
podcast on the list is the oldest, I have to manually select and over  
ride each one.

I want the podcasts on my iPod/iPhone to be in descending  
chronological order as they are on my computer, so that upon  
completion of one episode, it will automatically shift to the next  
newer episode automatically. Any suggestions on how to accomplish  
that? To perhaps state the obvious, it makes no difference whether I  
have ascending or descending chronological order on iTunes, it does  
not affect the sequence on my iPod/iPhone.

Michael Prete
17" 2.0 GHz G5 iMac, 1 GB RAM, OS 10.5.4, iTunes 7.6.2, Quicktime 7.5
80 GB iPod Classic, Model MB 147LL, OS 1.1.2
8 GB iPhone, Model MA712LL,  OS 1.1.4

More will be revealed.

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