[iTunes] My iPod won't sync!

Ken Stevens kestevens at mac.com
Wed Jun 25 16:19:02 PDT 2008

Hi Becca:

I don't know what is going on with syncing the iPods but you may be  
able to rescue your playlists.
In your iTunes Music Folder you should have a file called iTunes  
Library.xml.  You can import this file
into your new iTunes.  If you deleted this file check your backup if  
you have one.  Importing this file
should restore all playlists.

In regards to syncing the iPod, you may have a bad USB port on your  
PC.  Have you tried with a
different USB port?

On Jun 25, 2008, at 4:04 PM, Becca wrote:

> I downloaded a song from iTunes for my daughter, and it downloaded  
> just fine. Then, when I attached her iPod to iTunes, it wouldn't  
> recognize it... or mine when I tried. I rebooted my computer, still  
> wouldn't recognize the iPods. Rebooted the iPods themselves, and it  
> would recognize them, but I'd have to reboot the iPods each time I  
> wanted to reattach them. Ran the diagnoistics from iTunes - it said  
> that iTunes wasn't connecting to the internet - even though I could  
> get the iTunes store to come up. Ran the various help pages, and  
> while it now recognizes our iPods, it won't sync my iPod to update  
> podcasts, photos, and contacts. I get an "unknown error" message,  
> and then it disconnects my iPod automatically.
> I finally resorted to deleting iTunes from my computer, following  
> all their instructions, and am re-downloading iTunes (which, given  
> that we have a slot connection, is going to take over an hour and a  
> half)... and now I'm terrified ... will I have to re-create all my  
> playlists, re-import all my zillions of books an music cds?
> does anyone have any idea of what might have happened to corrupt my  
> copy of iTunes so badly? or what to expect when iTunes finished  
> downloading?
> Help!
> -Becca
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