iSync & BlueTooth

graeme wong xx386 at
Tue Dec 17 01:16:21 PST 2002

Other party gets a annoying echo when using car kit.

t68i & Ericsson OEM car kit
tiPB w d-link blue tooth

Solution to date:
Ericsson has replaced my phone 4 times now.
In my sales team we all have Ericsson phones (1 x t39, 2 x t68, 2 x 
t68i), also we all have OEM Ericsson car kits.
We have swapped every phone in every car kit - my phone is the only one 
that the other party has a loud echo (I do not have an echo from my 
The only difference is that I am the only one that runs iSync & d-link 
Blue tooth.
It was then sugested that I do a 'master reset' & try again - NO ECHO!
So, to date I will not be using iSync & d-link Blue tooth till there is 
a patch for this bug.
As you can imagine, this has been very frustrating...

I look forward to your reply.

graeme wong
gsm# +61 411 766 633

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