[BTM] addressbook+d-link+nokia

Jim MacCormaic thelook at indigo.ie
Thu Dec 26 21:44:48 PST 2002

On Friday, December 27, 2002, at 05:24  am, Warwick Teale wrote:

> yes this seems to be normal. Happens with my 8910+a/B+D-LINK
> I like the interception of an inbound SMS or a phone ring.. that's nice

Thanks for the speedy response. I'm looking forward to further testing 
followed by normal usage. I'll try an SMS test to a friend's mobile 
while he's here and see how that works, and I'll be interested to see 
what happens when the Nokia receives a call while connected.

It's all fascinating stuff, but I fully expect to have to pick the 
list's collective brains as time goes on.

Jim MacCormaic
Dublin, Ireland
iChat/AIM	 : curlytool at mac.com

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