Nokia 6600 and iSync

Martim Weinstein emdub at
Fri Jan 16 07:29:10 PST 2004

Might interest someone... copy pasted from:


Problem Apple iSync with 6600 solved

1. Open Folder  

2. Change the name of the file 3650AgendaMappings to 6600AgendaMappings

3. Change the name of the file 3650mappings to 6600mappings

4. Change the name of the file 3650.tiff to 6600.tiff

5. Edit in the file SupportedDevicesInfo the 3650 part to:

<string>Nokia 6600</string>

6. Edit the file SymbianConduit_phones.plist:

<key>Nokia--separator--Nokia 3600</key>
<key>Nokia--separator--Nokia 6600</key>
<key>Nokia--separator--Nokia 7650</key>
<key>Nokia--separator--Nokia N-Gage</key>
<key>SONY ERICSSON--separator--7130501-BVP800 </key>
<key>SONY ERICSSON--separator--1021011-BVP810 </key>

7. Have fun with your Mac and your 6600 !!!


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