[BTM] Replacing Batteries

Gino J. Piazza gjpiazza at optonline.net
Mon Nov 29 09:17:16 PST 2004

Monday, November 29, 2004                              12:04 PM

    This is sort of off topic.  I am thinking of purchasing a Bluetooth 
mouse and keyboard.  However, before I do, I have a question. From what 
I read on this list and other Bluetooth forums, I see that the 
batteries in both Bluetooth mice and Bluetooth keyboards have to be 
replaced often (two to three weeks).  My question is how hard is it to 
replace the batteries on these devices?  Can the batteries be replaced 
easily?  I ask this because I have the use of only one hand due to a 
stroke.  Judging from your experiences, will I be able to replace the 
batteries with one hand?

   I would much rather go with Bluetooth, however, I am wondering if I 
should go wireless instead of with Bluetooth since the batteries in 
wireless devices do not have to be changed that often.
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