[BTM] RE: T637 picture uploading

Jim Woodgett jimwoodgett at mac.com
Mon Sep 20 07:09:06 PDT 2004

You can upload pictures and files from this phone to a Mac and vice 
versa. To upload to a Mac,  take your pictures then save them to the 
phone in "My Pictures".  Then launch the BlueTooth File Exchange app 
(should be in the Utilities folder), ensure BT is switched on on your 
phone and Mac (and you've previously paired the devices) then "Browse 
Device"  on your Mac to find the My Pictures directory.  Simply copy to 
whichever folder you want on your Mac.  It saves pictures as JPEGs by 

To upload from a Mac to your phone, launch BTFE (again with BT on on 
both devices) then select Send File", choose the photo and click send. 
On your phone you'll get a message that's something like "Incoming 
file, accept?"  Click yes and it'll upload to "My Pictures".

Apologies if this repeats a previous answer ((I only subscribe to the 


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