[BTM] [A bit OT] Tungsten T3 and Nokia 6230

Bill White billwhite at mac.com
Fri Oct 21 13:04:10 PDT 2005

Sorry if this is slightly OT, but I'm trying to complete my Bluetooth
triangle and need some help.

I have a TiBook, a Tungten T3, and a Nokia 6230, all Bluetooth equipped. I
can have the TiBook and T3 interact seamlessly, and ditto for the TiBook and
the 6230. But after banging my head against the wall for several hours I
cannot figure out how to get the T3/6230 combination to work! I want the T3
be able to connect to the internet by way of the phone. Is there anyone who
could walk me through this?

Thanks in advance!


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