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Jeff Newman newman5608 at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 31 21:27:51 PST 1903

I thought it was clear that I _did_ put it outside the iBook, on the 
side by the CD slot. The extra screw also appeared outside the iBook. 
Thanks for the useful tips, though.

>>  Later I looked where I had put the screws (right where the
>>CD slot is), and there were three identical screws. I ejected the CD
>>tray and couldn't see any missing screws, although one of the tray
>>slides is just a little loose now.
>>Any idea where this extra screw came from?
>Repeat after me 50 times, "Putting screws anywhere in the ibook ( or 
>other computers) is a VERY BAD IDEA. As one person reported, losing 
>a screw in an ibook can cost as much as $350 to remove it so it 
>doesn't damage or short out any components. ALWAYS have a sazfe 
>place outside the computer where you can place the screws in the 
>order in which they were removed and where they won't get spilled if 
>someone knocks the container over. Empty pill bottle or boxes are 
>ideal for this. Get a seven day pill box the next time you are at a 
>Dollar store and use it to isolate each type of screw and label 
>where it came from. Much cheaper and less nerve-racking when things 
>go wrong.
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