[P1] laser printer suggestions

Dan Farley danfarley at mac.com
Wed Dec 31 16:37:53 PST 1969

>> Also, I can get a cheap Apple LaserWriter 4/600PS -- except this doesn't have
>> a
>> USB or ethernet connection.  Is there an adapter I could get that would allow
>> this printer to work without much trouble?

I have an ethernet to appletalk adaptor I'll be happy to part with for $20 +
shipping if you go this route.

Lasers are way cheaper for printing. Before you get the apple though - check
on what the replacement toner cartridges cost. I finally bought a
Laserwriter 16/600 PS on ebay for $300. It has native ethernet and uses HP
toner cartridges that cost about 1/2 what I was paying for apple only ones.


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