[iBook] Speaking of Bluetooth

Valerie Maples vlmaples at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 22 06:32:08 PDT 2004

You've half solved your potential problem by knowledge in what someone is
likely to do.  The simple solution to avert that is to simply engrave
corresponding numbers on CPUs and then the corresponding Bluetooth devices.

Of course, the cost is probably a greater factor at this point, but still a
solution to keep in mind should you ever choose to go that route.

Written with Dragon Naturally Speaking 7.3.  If it doesn't make sense, I
probably missed a correction.
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Thanks. I went to the site and I'm reasonably convinced that the 
devices won't interfere with each other. However, since this would be 
in a college multi-user lab environment, I'm wondering how long it 
would take some prankster to mix the mice and the keyboards up just to 
watch the chaos. I don't think we'll be springing for the "completely 
wireless" configuration anytime soon, as neat as it would look. 

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