[iBook] ibook/airport reception issue

/ dave / arouet at winternet.com
Fri Sep 24 23:49:12 PDT 2004

Matt wrote:

> I had a similar problem. I thought that the antena
> lead was fully connected to the card but it wasn't.
> You need   to apply a little fore to make sure the
> antena is fully connected. It should make a clicking
> like sound when its properly attached.

Thanks - I checked that a couple of times, and it snaps into place 
properly (clicking sound and all).

Valerie wrote:

 > I was under the impression that these iBook's could not take the
 > extreme card, only the older airport card at the lower speed.  As
 > a matter of fact, I believe there was a caution with mine (the
 > 900MHz dual USB version) that you could actually damage
 > the unit by installing and extreme card in it.

I actually have an 800mhz G4, which can only take the Airport Extreme 
card. The older Airport cards wouldn't even fit. (I wish that weren't 
the case, as I have an unused one sitting just a few feet from here...)


/  dave  /

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