[iBook] VGA-out and A/V out

Todd Doerpinghaus doerps at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 26 17:38:37 PDT 2004

I have adapter for the lcd and the part number on the
bag is 603-0607.  I hope that helps  

900 mhz g3 dual usb
--- CJ <mac2999 at mymacmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I to mirror the output from my iceBook/500 onto
> a LCD projector.  I
> cannot find the adapter for the iBook's prapritary
> RGB out port on eBay.
> Does anyone have the part # or maybe one to sell to
> me?  Also, I tried to
> plug a 3-RCA Cable from a SONY camcorder into the
> iBook's A/V out slot, only
> to find that the scan rate was off unless I pulled
> the cable out of the slot
> 1/8".  Then only the left channel (white cable)
> audio worked.  Does anyone
> know how fix this too?
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