[iBook] ibook/airport reception issue

Shawn Harley nosoliciting at core.com
Tue Sep 28 20:21:36 PDT 2004

Just checking with the list. I have not gotten a message from the list 
in over 2 days.


On Sep 26, 2004, at 6:02 PM, Larry Kollar wrote:

>> I have a recently-acquired 800mhz icebook running Panther with an 
>> airport extreme card installed, and I get unbelieveably bad 
>> reception.
> Just checking in after being offline for a couple of days.
> I've been under the impression that the antenna goes through the hinge 
> & around the screen on iBooks, which would explain their normally 
> excellent reception. It might be possible that the cable is broken or 
> kinked. The G4 iBooks haven't been around long enough that the 
> warranty has expired, even if you don't have AppleCare.
> And if it's a G3 iBook, it doesn't "do" Airport Extreme, you need to 
> swap in a regular old Airport card.
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