[iBook] just moved

victoria duggan victoria.duggan at ntlworld.com
Fri Apr 1 14:01:30 PST 2005

Hi all  I have just subbed to list because i have moved my main mac 
from an emac to a G4 iBook. the main reason for this is that the iBook 
is alot easier for me to use as i can sit on the couch with it on my 
Knee's. The reason i chose the iBook is because i already had and still 
have a G3 ibook 600 14.1, This is set up as a desktop now to replace 
the family mac With a keyboard and mouse for my daughter to use when 
she needs a bit more speed than the trust 3400 can give her.

My questions are The slot cdrw/dvd on the G4 is noisy is that normal? 
and what is the "real use" battery life like on the G4 ibook.?

Other than them questions I am really happy with the speed and 


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